Amazing Facts About Ants And What They Do

These are some of the most truly amazing critters you will ever come across and their fascinatingly complex capabilities will blow your mind. 

There is always Queen with her workers and soldiers 

Each ant has a given duty in this wondrous hierarchy. The queen rules over all in her kingdom and her soldiers will do anything and everything it takes to safeguard the nest from danger, even if it means sacrificing their own lives. While the worker ants have specific duties like mending the nest, caring for the eggs, bringing in food or herding other species of insect which they keep with the colony for specific purposes like food. Some colonies become so large that they actually spread over 3700 miles and are aptly names super-colonies. 

Ants are the strongest and fastest moving creatures on earth! 

And no I promise that this is not an exaggeration. Ants can carry fifty times their own body weight which no other species on earth is even remotely capable of doing. Sure, human use machinery to move tons and tons of weight but can we even come close to lifting half a ton over our head with our bare hands? I think not! And as for having the fastest movement the trap jaw ant can snap its jaw shut at the speed of hundred and forty miles per hour in order to kill its prey. 

These critters are social butterflies 

They live in a colony (which is basically their family) and have their own social interactions and bonds with one another. Another species that shows similarity to the ant in its social interactions is the termite, expect for the staggering damage it can do to your home the termite is in fact quite similar yet not as successful as the humble ant species which resides in every continent in the world except Antarctica and has over 12,000 different species according to National Geographic. 

They are an ancient species and were the first framers too  

Believe it or not they walked alongside the dinosaurs and this is proven because some of these ants had been fossilized in amber and encased in plant resin from over a hundred million years ago. Meaning that they have endured the test of time and have thrived while many other species actually died out. Ants have survived so long due to their strength, wit, hard work, viciousness and adaptability. In fact, they actually prey on the white ant (which is the termite), making the ant arguably more powerful than most other insects. The ants would farm fungus and even knew how to make their crop grow better through fertilization. 

These creatures have not only survived but they have thrived and the population of their species is the highest on earth revealing how successful these astonishing creatures are in their ability to remain united, grow, out-wit and adapt to each environment they are in.