4 Main Criteria Needed To Become A Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal training has become one of the most lucrative and fastest growing careers in the world today. As more people are getting interested in healthy living and maintaining a fit and balanced lifestyle, they are also interested in getting help from professionals such as personal trainers. If you are pursuing a profession in this field, it not only will promote your own health but will give you an enjoyable career. Prior to training others, there are a few steps that you must take in order to get certified. 


Although, prior education in fitness is not needed when getting your certification, there are some other basic requirements needed especially if you are to follow CPD courses Hong Kong. You must be eighteen years of age, passed a basic CPR class and have a high school diploma in the relevant field. However, you are given the choice to choose between a certification and a formal school where degrees in Kinesiology or sports sciences are offered. These formal school education routes take at least 3 to 4 years to complete. A certification course on the contrary is flexible and you can complete it in a quarter of the time taken to complete a formal degree. 

Decide on the organization that you want to get certified from 

When you want to get certified as a personal trainer it is important to register with a certification group that is reputable. While there are many such organizations to choose from, CPD HK is one of the best you can find in terms of enrolling in any professional course. Various groups will be accredited to different organizations so make sure that you are thoroughly familiar and have researched on them before enrolling. 

Develop a training routine for yourself 

If you are to train others on achieving their personal fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is first important for you to have achieved your own. This way you can promote your skills and knowledge and people can find inspiration in your journey. Keep in mind that this is not an overnight process and keep working hard every day to achieve your own fitness goals whilst gathering as much expertise and knowledge in the field. 

Work venue 

After getting your certification, you can decide on how you want to proceed in becoming a personal trainer. You can choose to work in a gym or a spa or free lance your skills and knowledge to individual clients. In order to freelance, you will need to gather relevant work experience and build your credentials in order to create a client base.