Guide To Protect Your Cargo Items.

Transporting your products in cargo ships is one of the best and the cheapest ways to transport goods. But this process of transportation is not an easy task – there are a lot of complications you need to overcome to ensure proper safety for your products during the transportation in the ship.  

The main risk faced during this transportation process is the risk of moisture damage also known as  Condensation – this is the process of changing the physical state of matter from gas to liquid this can occur within 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft shipping containers for sale Sydney. This process damages the container in different ways : 

  • Metals of the ship, as well as products, corrode and rust due to moisture. 
  • Bad Smelling due to rotten or food that is caused by moisture. 
  • Physical damages caused due to water and moisture (fungus) 
  • Packaging od products get damages, mostly or discolored. 

These types of damages are not common among all types of shipping containers for sale Melbourne, this could be caused due to certain misleads when buying the container, slight changes that occur during the process of transportation and by overusing the same container for a long period of time.  

Ways to Prevent Moisture Damage. 

Using Desiccants. 

Moisture enters the container during the period is known as “container breathing” during the journey and when loading products into the container. With the use of desiccants, we are able to reduce the moisture that enters the container.  

Good Ventilation.  

This can be achieved by using vents on the walls of the container. Vents are 10 holes pressed into the steel partition with an outward bracket on the top allowing a good airflow and also keeps the container sealed. Vents are fixed on opposite walls and sides of the container. If the container is packed with proper dry goods they can be protected for over a year with the use of vents but if you open the container on a regular basis the risk of condensation occurs. When using when you have to make sure the products inside the container are not stacked up again the walls or the ceiling and it allows a good airflow. 


These collect moisture from the closed containers and fills buckets with purified water caused by moisture in order to keep the container moisture free you have to make sure to take away the water buckets on a regular basis. Furthermore you have to make sure how many time the container door will be opened and it’s better to avoid opening doors when the weather is misty.  

Even after installing all these equipment you have to make sure your container is airtight and watertight. The number of times the doors are opened should be reduced to protect the products from damage.